For Wholesalers: The Restaurant Curation Project

Innovation is not something usually discussed within the restaurant business. In fact, those who use the word are usually pontificating  over a minuscule meal, pretentiously perched on a bed of micro-greens.

The general rule is, a meal is a meal. A customer comes in, sit down, orders, gets served, pays and leaves. Few places have taken the initiative of creating an experience for the consumer. Fewer places have actually been innovative. Telling the story that the restaurant wants the customer to understand.

Make no mistake. Food can tell a story. It can tell the story of the passion. The regional food. The region. A culture.

Many places curate the perfect foods, the perfect wines, desserts. Then…a generic coffee. No flavor, no thought. A disaster. Its usually the last taste of your story, and you put no thought into it.

That is what The Roasters Collective does. We put the thought into it for you!

Let us sit down with you, take a look at your menu and help you pick the best varietal of bean from the best roasters of that variety to top off the perfect meal in your restaurant!

Imagine a beautiful steak dinner, topped off with a clean, earthy, medium roast; something to clean the palate without letting your customer down! A lasagna lunch with a light, bright roast to cut the oil on the tongue.

Offering a curated menu, specialized for your menu, is a great way to really wow your customer, as well as an add a few extra dollars on the ticketed seating!