The Chosen Bean – Santa Barbara Estate

//The Chosen Bean – Santa Barbara Estate
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The Chosen Bean – Santa Barbara Estate


Origin: Colombian Excelso EP Santa Barbara Estate

Farm Location: Antioquia, Colombia

Altitude: 4,593 – 6,561 Feet

Varietal: Colombia and Caturra

Process: Washed

Drying: Silo drying

Harvest: October – May Export November – June

The Colombia Origin coffee comes from the world’s best-known producer of coffee, ranking second worldwide in yearly production. Colombia takes this position seriously and works very hard to maintain a high standard of excellence.

Colombia coffee was introduced in the early 1800’s and is known for its bright acidity, heavy body and intense aroma. The coffee is grown in an extremely rugged landscape, providing the perfect natural environment for growing coffee. This makes the production extremely difficult and the coffee must be transported by mule or jeep through the rugged terrain. The care and attention results in consistently good, mild coffees with a well-balanced acidity.

Don Pedro Echavarria established the Santa Barbara Estate almost three decades ago with the vision of producing a superior quality Colombian Coffee. This vision is proudly shared by all in the Santa Barbara Estate family. This Estate is one of the few completely integrated coffee farms in Colombia, which ensures traceability and close quality control from seed to cup. A combination of factors such as climate, altitude, constant care, renovation of trees, and good volcanic soil provide the basis for excellent coffee production. Education and incentive programs encourage the workers to focus on quality rather than quantity. The highly technological wet and dry mill processing, coupled with attention to detail and daily cupping, enables the Santa Barbara Estate to deliver an exceptional and consistent high-quality Colombian coffee.

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Product Description

About a decade ago, Moshe Ruza began roasting coffee in his backyard. That’s when he became a man obsessed with his hobby and the idea of The Chosen Bean was created.

When Mendy Dalfin moved three doors down, they knew it was fate. By 2014, they were ready to take their love of coffee to the next level. Together they decided to take the coffee world by storm.

What separates us from other coffee companies is not only our attention to detail, but our determination to find unique flavors from small coffee growers around the globe.

We choose our beans after scouring the earth for the freshest, tastiest, organic fair trade beans. Then we roast countless samples before we select The Chosen Bean.

Additional Information

Name of Roaster

The Chosen Bean

Name of Roast

Columbia Santa Barbara Estate

Origin of Coffee Bean

Columbia – Santa Barbara Estate


Ground, Whole Bean

Roast Type





12 oz., 5 lbs.


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