Ross Street Roasting – Nicaragua Sebastiana Family Farm

//Ross Street Roasting – Nicaragua Sebastiana Family Farm
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Ross Street Roasting – Nicaragua Sebastiana Family Farm


Flavor Info

  • Roast Profile: Full City
  • Cupping Notes: Smooth mouth feel, mild acidity, sweet cup with brown sugar notes and some subtle dark cherry

About the Coffee

  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Region: Matagalpa/Jinotega
  • Farm: Sebastiana family farm
  • Sourcing: Direct Trade, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers

About the Farmers

The Sebastiana family farm was started by matriarch, Doña Sebastiana, who used to be a cook at a large coffee plantation. After being given a piglet, which she raised and sold to buy a calf, which she raised and sold to buy two more, Doña Sebastiana used income from her cattle to buy the land where her family has been farming coffee for 35 years. Sadly, Doña Sebastiana passed away after the 2015 harvest, which is the lot we have here. But her family is carrying on her legacy by continuing to produce excellent coffee. Since partnering with our Direct Trade partner, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, the Sebastiana family has been receiving very good prices for their meticulously-produced specialty coffee. We’re proud to offer this coffee from a small family farm!

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Product Description

At Ross Street Roasting, we believe that coffee is primarily about relationships. Over the past three centuries, coffee has become a rich cultural practice the world over, with countless ways of roasting, brewing, serving, and sharing this invigorating drink. Coffee brings people together. Coffee also involves a relationship with the earth, the people who grow coffee from it, and the communities they live in.

At Ross Street Roasting, we seek to do business in such a way that we are equitable and fair to everyone all the way up and down the supply chain. We deal only in specialty-grade coffee. This ensures two things: 1) High-quality coffees that taste amazing, and 2) Farmers and producers get good, even great, prices for quality production. The importers and Direct Trade partners we work with are often committed to community & economic development projects in the areas where they operate.

Relationships matter for great coffee. That’s what we do.

Additional Information

Name of Roaster

Rosss Street Roasting

Name of Roast

Nicaragua – Sebastiana Family Farm (Direct Trade)

Origin of Coffee Bean



Ground, Whole Bean

Roast Type





12 oz.


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