Ross Street Roasting – Kenya – Oreti Estate

//Ross Street Roasting – Kenya – Oreti Estate
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Ross Street Roasting – Kenya – Oreti Estate


Flavor & Origin Info

  • Flavor notes: Cocoa and green grape
  • Region: Thika Plateau, south-central Kenya, NE of Nairobi
  • Farm: Oreti Estate
  • Variety: SL-28, SL-14, Batian, Riuru 11
  • Altitude: 1585 masl
  • Processing method: Washed

About the Producers

The Oreti Estate is owned by the Harries family. In the 1940s a family ancestor bought the 36-hectare plot and named it Oreti, “A place of danger and raw beauty” in the Maori tongue, the indigenous people of the wife’s homeland of New Zealand. The family has been living in the area for over 100 years and is extremely active in the local community, donating more than 50 acres of land to the Thika Municipal Council and co-founding the Wabeni Technical Institute, which seeks to teach underprivileged children practical skills which can help them make a living.

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Product Description

At Ross Street Roasting, we believe that coffee is primarily aboutrelationships. Over the past three centuries, coffee has become a rich cultural practice the world over, with countless ways of roasting, brewing, serving, and sharing this invigorating drink. Coffee brings people together. Coffee also involves a relationship with the earth, the people who grow coffee from it, and the communities they live in.

At Ross Street Roasting, we seek to do business in such a way that we are equitable and fair to everyone all the way up and down the supply chain. We deal only in specialty-grade coffee. This ensures two things: 1) High-quality coffees that taste amazing, and 2) Farmers and producers get good, even great, prices for quality production. The importers and Direct Trade partners we work with are often committed to community & economic development projects in the areas where they operate.

Relationships matter for great coffee. That’s what we do.

Additional Information

Name of Roaster

Ross Street Roasting

Name of Roast

Kenya Oreti Estate

Origin of Coffee Bean



Ground, Whole Bean

Roast Type





12 oz.


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