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Their Perception Is Your Reality

Recently, I thought I had made a sale of some really amazing coffee. This restaurant is changing the way its viewed; establishing a beautiful new menu, new serving utensils and a major overhaul of its social media presence. They were on board, quality specialty coffee to really bolster their menu, with a strong brand behind it. Then: Sticker shock. It was almost double what they paid previously. I lost the sale. I sat in my car after to reconstruct the destruction. What had happened? This restaurant owner had put money into a new chef, new menu, new equipment...but couldn't fathom spending the money on a cup of coffee. Was it my pricing? It just couldn't be, I've tested the numbers and I've done my research. I was competitive for the market. (FYI- The market always decides). Then, it dawned on [...]

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The Mark Of A Good Roaster

With all of the terms floating around like single origin, fair trade, organic, etc.; I find that people are getting caught up in the hype about coffee. The bubble will burst. How many times can you taste the same Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and say "Hey...that was roasted really nicely!" The quality is there, and the passion is there but its how you apply those two aspects that will make a difference in the near future. Here's why: The example of tea comes to mind. Oolong tea, by itself, tastes the same, but when blended with other teas, essences, etc, it really becomes something. The marriage of flavors can show the true mark of distinction of a roaster. Someone who understands his craft, more than just roasting profiles, but the essence of the beam, what it can do, what it can't. What [...]

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